Event Notification: Rumspringa @ The Echo

Rumspringa is ending their residency at the Echo this coming Monday (the 30th) The show is free for 21+ and 7 dollars 18-20. I’ve been going to this and its been a blast. The lineup is so far posted as

Slang Chickens
The Amazements

I missed last week’s show but I heard they played a new song. They’ve promised to play another new one this weekand I don’t doubt that there will plenty of other great bonuses to make this a blowout. Starts at 8.

check out their myspace to stream a bunch of their songs.



2 Responses to Event Notification: Rumspringa @ The Echo

  1. itaru says:

    thank you so much, -Itaru….from Rumspringa……just found this, ha

  2. stereocache says:

    my pleasure, that residency was a lot of fun. congrats on fuck yeah fest and everything.
    for anybody just reading this and missed out fret not. there are a bunch of upcoming Rumspringa shows check out their myspace or ours for details

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