Feral Children EP

Perhaps a week ago I got one of those random myspace friend requests and as I was going to delete it I noticed that the band had attached a little message saying that they had been produced by Scott Colburn (producer of Animal Collective’s Feels and Strawberry Jam) Well that was enough to spark my curiosity. I downloaded the free EP which features four tracks off of Second to the Last Frontier.

Let me begin by saying I like this EP. The four songs have found themselves in pretty high rotation on my ipod. For some reason though I find myself wondering if I should like them. For most people this would sound like one of the dumbest, and most pretentious, questions ever. But if you’re like me, and I kind of assume you are in that you spend at least some of your time searching for relatively obscure EP reviews then this is a very important question. I don’t mean whether I should as in whether liking or disliking this band will have any effect on me in actuality or in how I’m perceived. I mean that there is something about this recording that makes me wonder, as I’m bobbing my head, if what I’m listening to is genuinely good or if I have somehow been hoodwinked into liking it.

I foresee at least moderate success for Feral Children. The two other pieces of journalism I’ve seen on have pushed the animal collective aspect of their sound and the connection they have via Colburn. And there certainly are Animal Collective echoes on the Ep, Especially “Jaundice Giraffe”, with all atmoshperic non-verbal vocals and the swirling synths and organic drumming and chanting. But Feral Children are not really another Animal Collective. They don’t occupy that freak-folk niche that everyone was talking your ear off about a couple of years back. Feral Children have managed to synthesize several of the most popular bands in the last couple of years into one package.  I hear some elements of Animal Collective, Arcade Fire an Wolf Parade in this band and I wonder if I like them because they sound familiar.  At the end of the day I guess it doesn’t really matter.  I was driving home today (I started writing this out yesterday) and wanted to put the album on and I think that’s as successful as any record is going to get.


One Response to Feral Children EP

  1. chris says:

    hello there,

    chris here from sarathan records (FC’s label). i appreciate your review. it’s one of the most sincere reviews i’ve read! glad you like the music…well, at least i’m glad you *think* you like the music. 🙂


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