Lackthereof, “Your Anchor” drops tomorrow

There have been some technical problems here at the Stereocache offices (read our parents’ house) so we’re a little late on this one, but better late than never I say. Especially with a record like this. Lackthereof is the brainchild of Menomena drummer Danny Seim which predates that band by a decent interval (beginning in ’97). Your Anchor (Barsuk Records) will be Seim’s ninth release under the the nom de rock, the first six of which were distributed freely to personal friends before Filmguerrero put out Christian the Christian (2004) and My Haunted (2008). I say nom de rock because, for all the stuff going on in these tracks, Lackthereof is actually just Seim who plays every instrument on the album and recorded it in his Portland, Or basement.

I’m going to have to generalize a little here based on what I’ve heard from the Christian the Christian and My Haunted because I’ve only heard two tracks off of Your Anchor so far: “Choir Practice” and “Last November.” Lacktherof tracks won’t sound alien to any Menomena fans out there and it should be pretty easy to pick them out of a lineup and say (dramatically if you wished) “that’s the song, that’s the one made by that dude in Menomena” (especially “Last November”, which is just gorgeous) but it is just as easy to see that these albums really wouldn’t belong under the band’s artistic wings.

Because Lacktherof is one man (who is not obsessive compulsive) there is almost necessarily a little less sonic uniformity. What I mean is that without a band composed of a few guys that have to agree on what sound they want there’s just Seim thinking I want to make a song that sounds like this – cue genre jumping or straddling or whatever verb you prefer. Lackthereof allowed Seim to get a little bleepier and faster and way more somber in the past but I can only comment on what I’ve heard off of Your Anchor so far and that would lead me to expect some great splashy drumming, funky bass and exceptional upbeat choruses.

You know what- take a look for yourselves.

Last NovemberChoir Practice

Lackthereof will be playing Musicfest NW with John Vanderslice and Vampire Weekend September 5th at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, OR

Here’s some live Lackthereof footage with a little interview at the end. Enjoy.


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