MOCA Contemporaries La Brea Art Walk Tomorrow Night 9/10

OddZoo – Unexpected Delight.  showing at the Charmichael Gallery

Sorry about how late this is.  Just heard about it.  This is a straight repost from an e-mail i got from the Carmichael Gallery.  I am super pissed about missing this.  Live it up Los Angeles residents.  (list of participating artists and galleries after the jump.)



Wednesday, September 10, 2008 ~ 7 – 9 pm

Participants can meet at either Carmichael Gallery or The Merry Karnowsky Gallery where MOCA Contemporaries will be serving drinks courtesy of V2 Vodka, Karl Strauss and Honest Tea

BRING YOUR WALKING SHOES and walk from there to participating galleries up and down La Brea Ave.

The following is a list of participating galleries (South to North of La Brea Avenue):

The Merry Karnowsky Gallery (MK Gallery)
170 S. La Brea Avenue, 323-933-4408
(Mercedes Helnwein solo exhibition, artist will be in attendance)

The Loft at Liz’s
453 S. La Brea Avenue, 323-939-4403×6
(“Linear Motion” a group exhibition)

Photographers Gallery
145A N. La Brea, 323-938-8000
(a group photography exhibition)

Perrell Fine Art
145 N. La Brea Avenue, 323-933-8630
(contemporary abstract works)

Fahey/Klein Gallery
148 N. La Brea Avenue, 323-933-2250
(photographer Melvin Sokolsky)

DNJ Gallery
154 ½ N. La Brea Avenue, 323-931-1311
(group exhibition of Chinese photographers)

Verve Gallery
156 N. La Brea Avenue, 323-937-0325
(group exhibition of legendary photographers)

169 N. La Brea Avenue, 323-931-6500
(fine art/furniture)

Voila! Gallery
518 N. La Brea Avenue, 323-954-0418
(works on paper)

Art Territory
946 N. La Brea Avenue, 323-512-0124
(artist Earnest Lacy)

Circus Gallery
(Dir. John Knuth is a MOCA Contemporaries Member)
7065 Lexington Ave., 323-962-8506
(just off La Brea just before Carmichael Gallery)

Carmichael Gallery
(co-Dir. Seth Carmichael is a MOCA Contemporaries Board Member)
1257 N. La Brea Avenue, 323-969-0600
(contemporary painting – OddZoo solo exhibition, artist will be in attendance, and group exhibition featuring HUSH, Flip and Other)

The following galleries will not be open due to installations:

The Jack Rutberg Gallery, 357 N. La Brea Avenue, 323-938-5222 (

The Couturier Gallery, 166 N. La Brea Avenue, 323-938-5222 (

For more information or to become a MOCA Contemporaries member please visit


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