Deerhoof release Family of Others Video

October 22, 2008

Maybe I would have stayed in science class if it had had an appropriate soundtrack.  It was pretty satisfying once I got the microscope properly focused…. the only problem was that from the 8th grade until my sophomore year in college all I got was a pinkish blur.  Maybe it wasn’t so much that I decided to leave the sciences but that the administrative powers that be wouldn’t let me continue.  Whatever, now I have this kick ass blog so who’s laughing now.  *sound of laughter turning into pitiful weeping*

That’s enough of that, here’s “Family of Others” set in the majestic world of the Petri dish. Directed by Sara Magenheimer and Eben Portnoy of Flying; who, incidentally, are touring with Deerhoof now.

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The Panics – Don’t Fight It” Video

October 7, 2008

I remember reading back in the days of vh1’s pop up video (link for the youngins) that R.E.M. would only consent to limited band recording time for footage and limited the amount of actual band footage directors were allowed to edit into the final cut.  I wonder if The Panics came in and said “We’ll do your damn video, but…… we don’t want to stand.”  Maybe the director came in with a treatment and sold it with, “and you get to lie down the whole time.”  Maybe it was none of these things.  Maybe I just sit in my ivory laptop tower and imagine that everyone wants to be able to work from a day bed the way I do.  Either way I think the video looks pretty cool, kind of like some of the in camera effects that they show in Be Kind Rewind.  The Panics’ Cruel Guards came out today on Dew Process (home of fellow Aussies The Grates.)  I find this label name hilarious.  I hope it’s Mountain Dew’s attempt at media domination.

Friends of the Family Unleashed

September 30, 2008

So far I’ve kept pretty closely to music here at Stereocache.  Even my movie review is a music documentary.  Most people coming to this site want music news, reviews etc. but I’m drunk with power at the moment and all hopped up on rootbeer barrels and delerious from a lack of sleep so I’m going to veer away a little bit and go into the pop culture realm that I always new this site could encompass.

Something funny is afoot in the heart of L.A. (and via the internet, the world) Los Angeles comedy trio Friends of the Family launched their brand new site Sunday and this thing comes fully stocked.  Each video shows off a different aspect of their skills from improvised absurdity in “Challenging The Peerless Bartender” to unexpected turns in skits that I won’t tell you about so you can experience the fun for yourselves.

When you’ve watched and rewatched those videos you might be thinking “well damn, what should I do now?  go to work?  get a job?  move out of my mom’s house?”  NO! there are more pages.  Nick, Alec and Greg maintain the site like a personal blog too so there are funny posts either sampling the delicacies of internet humor up to us or just spewing their own funny thoughts out onto the page like a momma bird throwing up some worms into a screaming baby bird’s mouth.  Yum.

Boredoms 88Boadrum live review- videos

August 12, 2008

Starting around the first of this month something strange started to happen to me. I became extremely aware of the date, and not only that, I wanted to talk about it. All of July, and the rest of the year for that matter, whenever someone asked the date I would have to smile, chagrined by my ignorance. But since August 1st I have almost hoped for someone to hold up the line to whip out their checkbook and ask the inevitable question, “Do you know today’s date?” I’d tell them and say, “Boredoms are coming” while I grinned like an idiot. If my new acquaintance gave me a chance I’d tell them the details of the Boredoms’ 88BoaDrum. Read the rest of this entry »

Max Bemis of Say Anything Explores Music Couture

August 3, 2008

Max Bemis, mastermind behind Say Anything has decided to write custom tailored songs for fans if they submit him a paragraph or two about any topic, problem, situation they wish. The official message doesn’t mention price but a personalized song is going to run you a cool $150. That seemed kind of steep the first time i read it, (I still have a 5 year old’s conception of money) but considering that that’s the same price as numerous box sets and waaaay less than any of the fine art I’ve tried to buy (blogging doesn’t exactly bring you the finer things in life) it seems downright reasonable especially after Bemis promises he “won’t be writing any crappy songs.” Considering the time required to write a song and record it, not to mention sifting through all that mail I’d say this move is definitely on the sincere side of the spectrum but I’m not too sure about the whole “changing the music industry” claims.

Here’s the official message.

In an effort to minimize the gap between music listeners and performers, take up time on warped tour, and find some solution for the fact that anyone can download any of his gosh-darn albums for free, Max came up with a predictably crazy idea in a haze of sleeping medication.

Max has decided to open the door for a limited time to Say Anything fans to submit ONE to TWO paragraphs about an issue they are having, a serious problem they are going through, or even something they just felt should be written about. If you are selected, Max will take two to three days to deliver an acoustic, full length actual Say Anything song based on your experiences and what you submitted! Each song is 100 percent written by Max for YOU, the buyer.

No two songs will be the same. It will also be named after you. Songs can also be written for special situations like anniversaries, engagements or the death of your dog.

And here’s the video where Max explains the project himself. It’s worth a look.

Lackthereof, “Your Anchor” drops tomorrow

July 22, 2008

There have been some technical problems here at the Stereocache offices (read our parents’ house) so we’re a little late on this one, but better late than never I say. Especially with a record like this. Lackthereof is the brainchild of Menomena drummer Danny Seim which predates that band by a decent interval (beginning in ’97). Your Anchor (Barsuk Records) will be Seim’s ninth release under the the nom de rock, the first six of which were distributed freely to personal friends before Filmguerrero put out Christian the Christian (2004) and My Haunted (2008). I say nom de rock because, for all the stuff going on in these tracks, Lackthereof is actually just Seim who plays every instrument on the album and recorded it in his Portland, Or basement. Read the rest of this entry »

Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog

July 17, 2008

I’ve got to hand it to Joss Whedon, (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly) this is a pretty interesting marketing technique. Apparently Whedon enlisted the help of some friends during the writer’s strike to create a super hero villain musical. Dr. Horrible is a three act play in miniature and each act will be debuted a day or two apart over the course of a week at the end of which they will be taken down. Then there will be a comic released and the play will be available for download or on dvd. I understand the idea of creating a sense of urgency around it but all of these releases should probably be pretty close together. It seems to me that something like this would require a flurry of promotion. I’d be curious to gauge the level of buzz around this.

Anyways this week is the aforementioned week. Acts I & II are already up here and act III debuts on the 19th, the vids say goodbye at the end of the 20th.

On to the actual play. The story follows Neil Patrick Harris as fledgling supervillain Dr. Horrible as he tries to get his ticket to the big time by joining an evil alliance. Piling on the trouble for Dr. Horrible, he inadvertently introduced his arch nemesis to his altruistic crush an they’ve begone dating. We’ve all been there. The musical is a quirky production (as I would assume a supervillain musical would have to be) from the characters to the musical numbers to the narrative devices. I really like the character ideas here from the legendary villain bad horse (who speaks through singing cowboys) and a best friend whose power is to make things moist. In my opinion the musical numbers are pretty much a novelty that just serve to make the play seem quirkier and grab a little more notice. I’m sure this is not how the musical aspect was intended though I’m pretty sure Joss Whedon just really likes making musicals (remember Whedon’s musical Buffy?) Because of its truncated length, there’s not alot of time to establish exactly what’s going on all the time. The musical numbers could be meant solve this problem but mostly its the blog aspect of the play that makes the difference. I haven’t really seen the idea of a video blog mined for this type of characterization and plot summary in a fictional work before but it’s a great idea. I mean, the Real World has been doing this for at least a decade and a half. I’d say this is definitely worth watching.