Black Gold Tragedy & Legacy Giveaway

Win a copy of Black Gold’s EP Tragedy & Legacy just e-mail us at with Black Gold in the subject heading.  Be sure to include your name and shipping info.  Entries must be submitted by 10/31 because I’m prone to setting arbitrary deadlines.  They’re on tour now with Jaguar Love and Polysics now. Details here

Republic Tigers/Ragged Contest

I have:

1 physical copy of Ragged Magazine

1 copy of Republic Tigers’ Keep Easy

1 Republic Tigers’ tee

for you to win.  details here.


Alright loyal readers I figure its time to say thanks for stopping by and giving me that swell of pride when my I see my hits spike.  Since this is still kind of a fledgling operation I’m going to work with what I’ve got. Posters. Several in fact.  All you have to do is message our myspace with your name and mailing address.  No friendship required (but why not while your at it) not valid in alaska or hawaii (the stereocache shipping budget is mighty low.)  I’ll enter your information into my Randomatron ™ and voila! a winner there shall be.

Here are the prizes to choose from.

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