Boredoms 88Boadrum live review- videos

August 12, 2008

Starting around the first of this month something strange started to happen to me. I became extremely aware of the date, and not only that, I wanted to talk about it. All of July, and the rest of the year for that matter, whenever someone asked the date I would have to smile, chagrined by my ignorance. But since August 1st I have almost hoped for someone to hold up the line to whip out their checkbook and ask the inevitable question, “Do you know today’s date?” I’d tell them and say, “Boredoms are coming” while I grinned like an idiot. If my new acquaintance gave me a chance I’d tell them the details of the Boredoms’ 88BoaDrum. Read the rest of this entry »

List of LA BoaDrummers Released

August 7, 2008

For any of you that don’t know tomorrow, August 8th (8/8/08), The Boredoms will be following up last year’s 77BoaDrum. The BoaDrum events are massive drum circles, this year’s will consist of 88 kits, manned by an ever increasing list of impressive musicians performing one epic piece composed by Eye of Boredoms tailored to the event. Last years piece was 77 minutes, this year’s will be 88. For this year’s event the Boredoms have expanded their vision and will be coordinating two separate circles, one in New York (led by Brooklyn’s Gang Gang Dance) and one in Los Angeles.

Wiki had this handy list of drummers and the band’s they’re in. For space’s sake I’m only going to be posting the Los Angeles drummers Read the rest of this entry »