Interview with Natalia Yanchak of The Dears

November 11, 2008


Via e-mail

SC: I have to say I think you guys handled the leak as tastefully as I’ve ever seen.  Most bands come off sounding kind of  disconnected from reality at best and tool-ish at worst but your letters just made it sound like you really cared about your record.

NY: Thank you.

SC: How would you say this current album differs from your previous albums?

NY: Every album is a journey, taking us to another place both musically and thematically. Missiles is a step along this adventure, one that reflects on the past and looks to the future. For this reason, no two Dears albums will ever truly be “the same.”

SC: The idea of missiles tends to imply the larger more sweeping realm of politics and organization for me because of their own massive scale of destruction but the lyrics on the album seem more concerned with personal results of these grand systems.  How do you see the content of this album relating to the album’s title?

NY: That’s kind of it: an alternate working title was “Threats,” which also implied an impending doom, or the insecurity of modern, Western living.

SC: The video for “Money Babies” has some pretty direct imagery, what were your roles in the shaping of the video? (you can view it here)

NY: We are into scifi/apocalypse: Murray and I wrote our own treatment for this song and it kind of combined the films Children Of Men, Perfume: a Story of Murder and The Village. When we read this treatment by Anton Purr, we were totally into it because he nailed the fatalistic concept.  Read the rest of this entry »


The Panics – Don’t Fight It” Video

October 7, 2008

I remember reading back in the days of vh1’s pop up video (link for the youngins) that R.E.M. would only consent to limited band recording time for footage and limited the amount of actual band footage directors were allowed to edit into the final cut.  I wonder if The Panics came in and said “We’ll do your damn video, but…… we don’t want to stand.”  Maybe the director came in with a treatment and sold it with, “and you get to lie down the whole time.”  Maybe it was none of these things.  Maybe I just sit in my ivory laptop tower and imagine that everyone wants to be able to work from a day bed the way I do.  Either way I think the video looks pretty cool, kind of like some of the in camera effects that they show in Be Kind Rewind.  The Panics’ Cruel Guards came out today on Dew Process (home of fellow Aussies The Grates.)  I find this label name hilarious.  I hope it’s Mountain Dew’s attempt at media domination.