Autolux Premier “Fat Kid”

November 28, 2008


Autolux posted a new instrumental track on their myspace today somewhat erroneously entitled “Fat Kid.” It doesn’t sound particularly related to childhood obesity (which according to ads that played during today’s cowboys/seahawks game will kill us all before our parents) to me.  Maybe like a fat kid disposer from that frenetic drum beat.  Danceaerobics anyone?  What it does sound like is a pretty big departure from what I was expecting from Transit Transit.  Maybe the band read my mind, in the message that accompanied the song announcement they revealed that “Fat Kid” wasn’t going to be included on the now postponed album (that’s right apparently industry politics are trying to get between me and Transit Transit again. Its now slated for release “after the new year”)  I wonder what project this song is a part of.  Is it too early to speculate on what type of sound the band is currently into?  Is this what album three holds in store?  I mean, the band writes at such a faster pace than their mastering and release schedule that I always kind of assume that they’re bored with the album by the time it comes out.  The sounds they’re producing are pretty impressive considering their process as Robert Densworth’s message makes it clear that “if there are any sounds on it that remind you of a tuba or tympani – that happens to be greg getting those sounds out of his guitar.”

“Fat Kid” will be available for purchase on itunes in a couple of weeks.

New Late Of The Pier Album Stream

August 6, 2008

UK’ers Late Of The Pier have taken their sweet time releasing this record. They’ve been releasing material at the pace of roughly a single per year of their existence (2003-08). But that ratio is about to be shot to hell. The band has put up their full debut album Fantasy Black Channel on their myspace page, check what you’re listening to though because they aren’t necessarily in order. The album sounds quite a bit different then the dark, kind-of-sexy-in-an-80’s-club/rocky-horror-kind-of-way single “Bathroom Gurgle” that garnered them so much attention in ’07. I’d say it’s definitely more summer friendly but don’t just take my word for it, go listen for yourselves.

Fantasy Black Channel hits stores August 11th.