Best Friends Day kicks off (yesterday) -Municipal Waste, Paint It Black, Cloak/Dagger

August 16, 2008

At Stereocache we’ve seen too many blogs jump the gun with announcements (like that Radiohead Choke soundtrack) and have to offer retractions. Well not here damn it. That why we’ve held off on chiming in on Richmond VA’s Best Friends Day. I guess you could also make some joke about us being on punk rock time but we’re all too cool to go there.

Here’ the Day 1, also known as completely-useless-look-what-you-missed, info. Sounds like fun. If you are a jetsetter and dead set on participating in a big scavenger hunt there’s always Echo Park’s Fuck Yeah Fest coming up.

Scavenger Hunt Registration Begins at Chop Suey Books(1317 W. Cary St.) promptly at 12:30.
Teams must be 4 people and we have a cap of 20 teams, so don’t show up late!

Scavenger Hunt ends at 5PM at Alley Katz(10 Walnut Alley) where the show will be taking place. The doors open at 6PM for this jamer.
The following bands will be playing:

Municipal Waste(Waste Em’ All Line Up)
Paint It Black (added extra show. skip to the bottom for details)
Caustic Christ
Brutall Knights
Religious as Fuck

Day Two (Saturday)

Get your ass up early eat a good breakfest and drink lots of water! At 10:30 Richmond Legends Stink Eyes will be performing a once in a life time show at Fine Foods Grocery located in Oregon Hill, where you can also score stuff to grill and booze.
If you have a bike bring it here and bike with everyone out to Hadad’s Lake were this rageing show for $15 and day of hanging out with take place:

Gull 12:50-1:10
Cannabis Corpse 1:10-1:35
¡Apeshit! 1:50-2:15
Brainworms 2:30-2:55
Direct Control 3:10-3:35
BS Brass Band 3:50-4:15(This Will Lead to the Group Photo)
Environmental Youth Crunch5:00-5:25
Polka Madre 5:40-6:05 (*stereocache kickass pick*)
Shellshag 6:20-6:45
Ultra Dolphins 7:00-7:30

The rest of your evening is like Choose Your own Adventure you can go to awesome shows, dance parties, bars or sleep

Day 3 (Sunday)

This day will take place at the Bike Lot. It will be the day you and your friends feel like shit but you can’t wuss out on. There will be food vendors and assorted other things to spend money on, so remember to bring cash. The Bike lot will open at 1PM and bands will start playing sometime after that.
There will be performances of the Richmond Lucha and also these great bands will be playing:
This Bike is a Pipe Bomb

The details are right out of Cloak/Dagger’s own bulletin. They rock pretty hard. Check them out if you have the means. And for goodness’ sake, click the links if you like punk/hardcore even a little I wasn’t familiar with like half of these bands before and I heard some cool stuff because of this post.

Paint It Black added a date for Saturday as well… August 16th 9pm <— TONIGHT!


At 1319 Wallace Street
Off Randolph Behind Chop Suey
(Formerly Known As “Mammal Mansion”)
9pm. All Ages.
Text 610.986.
8572 For Info