Heard of Elephants Opening @ Unknown Theater July 10th

July 9, 2008

Herd of Elephants Opening Thursday July 10th @ The Unknown Theater 1110 Seward St. Los Angeles, CA 9:30 PM $5

This is something that I’m very excited for. Heard of Elephants is a multi-media art collective that is being assembled and is comprised of some of my favorite local bands. I haven’t fully understood all of the intricate workings of this group but it promises to be more than just a social network or umbrella term for a set of related bands and will involve tax-write-off eligible donations among other things in order to keep the art flowing from the artists to the observers and support to the artists in a more equal and organic manner. One release from the herd describes the group as “an art collective drawn together around the urge to create an open environment for creation and consumption of free thinking art and the desire to have some laughs while doing it.” Can’t go wrong with that.

This opening event will feature live music and art from

Charts and Maps, Danger Bees, Pride of Kenya and The Nocturnes, Steve Baldino and more.

Herd of Elephants currently consists of

Danger Bees
Charts and Maps (check out the free ep)
Pride of Kenya
Semiconscious Gloria
Random Patterns
Fuckasaurus Rex
Little Things

and art by

John Taylor
Steve Baldino
The Twinz (Brenda & Juli So)
Liz Petersen

I highly encourage anyone that can go to check it out, I really can’t imagine that you’d be disappointed.

*edit* here’s a sample of Steve Baldino’s art I just found