Omar Rodriguez Lopez Is Sneaky, Old Money Stealth Release

November 10, 2008


This came out of absolutely nowhere to me which I find incredibly surprising.  For one thing, I am a rabid At The Drive-In fan and as such I follow The Mars Volta with a mixture of admiration and resentment for what rose out of that band’s ashes.  (I’ve even got that Defacto stuff)  Plus I’m an avid music blog/magazine reader on top of whatever press releases I get anyways.  In theory Lopez shouldn’t have been able to release an album on a high profile label like Stones Throw without me hearing about it until the day of its digital release.  But that is just what he did. Read the rest of this entry »


Stones Throw Makes Store, Cleans Out Basement

July 23, 2008

This kind of reminds me of when I was a kid and would set up shop outside my friend Taylor’s house and we’d sell any toys/random crap we could find which pissed off our parents to no end. More recently, and more applicably i suppose, I made an ebay account and went around my house with a crazed look in my eye trying to find anything i didn’t need that was small enough to ship easily. Something like this probably happened over at stones throw a little while ago as they just added some pretty sweet stuff to their store.

Sure there are the ultra hip Parra made shirts

but mostly its about the joints over there. There’s now a CD Version of Madlib‘s Saturday Morning Remixes out which I can’t comment on because I haven’t ever heard it.

Things get more exciting with the release of Sniper Elite and Murder Goons which are two tracks recorded by Dilla with Doom and Ghostface separately that were intended to be mixed together for Donuts. The EP contains each track separated and then the combined version. I actually ended up having to buy these tracks on the spot and I gotta say I already kind of love them. I think Doom is a pretty over-rated mc whose verses can sound a little forced, but the beat really complements his style. The volume of those cymbals in the back, the retro sounding intro, and those held notes make it seem like Doom has the room for a lazy verse but the spastic moments in the guitar give Dooms delivery a sense of urgency like he’s getting tripped up by how much he wants to spit out his words. Then there’s Ghostface, who always sounds like he’s going to get tripped up these days for the same reason. This is more of the same for Ghost but its on a beat that’s perfect for him. It sounds kind of like a bank heist car chase in the 70’s. These tracks just remind me of why every artist wanted to work with Dilla, not only was he going to have the best beats, he was going to have the best beats for them.

The super big fanboy news however is the release of the “Madvillainy 2” box. Apparently this is what happens when Madlib has time to kill on a plane. The box will include the 25 track reworking of the original, a “One Beer” 7″, a cassette of the original Madvillain demo, a tee, and a comic book continuation of the All Caps video, oh and a dope box “wrapped in a silver like a mask” This thing looks absolutely crazy (which is mirrored in the 125 dollar price tag) and you can check out all the gear here. Oh and they promise that there’s still stuff going on with the new Madvillain too but it doesn’t sound too promising. If you really are losing sleep over that thing you might actually considering trying to hold yourself over with one of these bad boys.

here’s an mp3 for boulder holder (originally money folder) that came with the announcement

**edit** Stones Throw has now made the album available for download for 10 bucks