Fuck Yeah Fest Releases Full Line Up, New Activities

July 31, 2008

Its almost August and that means summer is starting to wind down for alot of those collegiates out there. There must be someone out there willing to defend our summer days. In this case its an area. That’s right its time for the fifth annual Fuck Yeah Fest in Echo Park. Spend your August 30th and 31st walking between the festival’s three stages at the Echo, EchoPlex and Jensen Rec Center enjoying the staggering lineup and activites including a scavenger hunt and taco eating contest.  Full line-up after the jump Read the rest of this entry »

Event Notification: Rumspringa @ The Echo

June 27, 2008

Rumspringa is ending their residency at the Echo this coming Monday (the 30th) The show is free for 21+ and 7 dollars 18-20. I’ve been going to this and its been a blast. The lineup is so far posted as

Slang Chickens
The Amazements

I missed last week’s show but I heard they played a new song. They’ve promised to play another new one this weekand I don’t doubt that there will plenty of other great bonuses to make this a blowout. Starts at 8.

check out their myspace to stream a bunch of their songs.